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Bumper repair

In this photograph, you can see a large amount of damage done to the bumper of this vehicle, and the repair that was completed.

Interior Repair - Leather

This is a prime example of leather interior starting to crack and wear. As you can clearly see in the after shot of this photograph, it looks as good as new when the repair is completed.

Interior Repair - Cloth

In this example, the cloth interior of this vehicle had cigarette burns and miscellaneous wears and tears throughout the seating.

Interior Repair - Vinyl

Another interior repair is depicted in this photograph where the vinyl dashboard of the vehicle is completely damaged. The after shot shows a complete restoration of the dashboard and looks brand new.

Scratch Repair

This photo shows an example of a key scratch repair.

Custom Paint Job

This is an excellent example of a complete custom paint job transforming a dull, plain white van into a flaming red masterpiece.

Body Kit Installation & Paint

As you can see, this Mitsubishi Eclipse had a complete body kit installed and painted. For this service, you can choose whether you only want the kit installed, or if you want it both installed and painted.

These are only a few of the many services performed by Xtreme Refinishing. For more example pictures, please visit the "Pictures" section. (must have pop-ups enabled to view) For additional information on services, or questions, contact Eddie at the provided email address or telephone number.