About Us

Xtreme Refinishing, founded and owned by Edward Saldano, is a family owned business with professionals dealing with the restoration and repair of damaged vehicles. When insurance quotes are unreasonable, you can recieve the same quality of repair from Xtreme Refinshing for less.

Xtreme Refinishing was featured in "Performance Auto and Sound" magazine because of the beautiful restoration and custom paint job on a specialized car. As you can see here in the photos. For more example pictures or information on services provided with Xtreme Refinishing, please visit the "Pictures" and "Services" sections of the website.

Call or email Eddie with details of what you would like done to your vehicle and recieve a free quote regarding the cost of the damage. If you are able, send a photo(s) of what you would like fixed as an email attatchment to ensure that the quote is accurate according to the repair.